Happy Sunday Everyone…& Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my Irish friends!

Starching a crochet doily into a bowl shape  is a really inexpensive & easy project which yield beautiful results.


Things you’ll need:

-Crochet Doily (I made mine specifically for this project, however if you do not crochet or just don’t feel up to making one yourself….vintage doilies  can be purchased at practically any second-hand store or consignment shop)


appropriate sized bowl to drape your doily over

How To:
1. measure out equal amounts of water and white sugar (depending on the size of your doily I used 2 cups each for my bowl but probably could have gotten away with one cup …live and learn)

2. bring to a boil …let boil just a few minutes

3. allow mixture to cool to room temperature. Sugar will dissolve and water will become clear as it cools down.

4. place doily into sugar/water mixture and let soak (for best results let your doily soak  for a few minutes so that it is completely saturated)

5. roll doily in a towel and gently press out excess moisture

6. Place bowl upside down & arrange your doily over the bowl to dry.
(be sure to stretch & shape  your doily over bowl to ensure that all the details are visible)

7. Let dry for several days before removing from bowl.  Be sure your doily is completely dry & hardened before removing it from the bowl or it most likely will not hold its shape for very long.

8. Jump for joy, proudly admire, fill with whatever pleases you, display for all to see &

Note:  Sugar starching  is not  permanent but will keep it’s shape as long as you so choose,   which is wonderful for those of us who change our minds often…hahahaa
if you wish to convert your bowl back into a flat doily, just rinse thoroughly with warm water and mild detergent. Roll in towel to blot dry. Block.  (You may have to repeat the rinsing process a few times to ensure all sugar mixture is removed before *blocking)

*Blocking:  Method of stretching, shaping and pinning crochet pieces flat to dry bringing out all the lovely detail of the crochet piece for display.