The images I am sharing today are totally unrelated to one another.  A bit of street photography captured in Cairo, Egypt mixed with man-made structures & a few natural creations.   Random I know….it’s what I’m feeling today 🙂  Enjoy!


interesting cotton candy building in Cairo, Egypt


Architecture – Cairo, Egypt


boy chasing a cooking gas truck Cairo, Egypt


roadside flower shop Cairo, Egypt


another sunset capture shot off a 5th floor balcony Cairo, Egypt

& yet another… a drive-by: .captured speeding along a busy highway in Cairo Egypt. (on occasion *cough cough…I do tend to shoot while driving)


hero in a half shell- turtle in a tank
Captured  in the Cairo mall


This image was captured way back in 2001
I still love it so thought I would share :)- Warwick RI USA


fuzzy tree flower- I have no idea what kind of flower this is but it’s wicked cool 🙂
If you can educate me please do

& one more random image…..


….because this kinda resembles the fuzzy flower above & me on my bad hair days…. plus it’s cute!

Have a Happy Day!!!!! 🙂