Today my entry theme is FIVE FAVE: Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why”

Every click on a ‘follow‘ button is a meaningful one as I add blogs that I find interesting, share common interests & enjoy reading/viewing /commenting on……..narrowing them down to my absolute favorite five was much more difficult than anticipated because there are just so many that I enjoy so much….but I did managed to come up with a list after mulling it over for the day.

Here are five blogs that I l truly look forward to seeing new posts from in my reader & ones that I highly recommend:

1. Mascara & Mud
A witty & fun blog that puts a smile on my face with each entry from this lovely author. Cery’s blog is chock-full of wonderful everyday life which allows the reader a peek inside her day-to-day & is always depicted with humor & good taste, An added benefit is there are loads of fabulous colorful photography scattered within the pages of her posts. LOVE!

2. Marryl All write
Marryl has an absolutely stunning blog! Wonderfully imaginative DIY ideas & full detailed photo tutorials …each of her entries are complimented by some amazing soft & romantic photography. Love! Love! Love!

3. People
Uday is a talented self-taught photographer based in New Delhi, India….this blog contains
absolutely breathtaking people photography that capture the essence of a human soul. A blog I visit often & trust me, you should as well!

4. Ethan Crowley
Ethan is a talented photographer. I really enjoy his beautiful & informative daily Cambodian photoblog which contains amazing images and detailed information on areas of his world. Great reads! Lovely blog!

5. Fun Girls Live Better
The author of this fantastic blog shares her interesting and fun writing style that draws me into her stories. Her entries are wonderfully worded and delightfully entertaining as well as meaningful. Just beautiful!

Happy Weekend! (Unfortunately mine is over) K