“What do you do to stay fit or be a healthy individual? Share any useful tips and advice. Or tell us about your plans to get healthier”


yes, that is me jumping on the trampoline :]

My secret to living a healthy and happy life 🙂

Supportive people: Surrounding myself with positive, uplifting & supportive people.

A sense of humor: Laughing is a wonderful stress reliever and is the best kind of contagious! 🙂


a capture of my adorable G-daughter, Ava at about 5 months. A total ‘by accident’ shot of her flipping me off….still makes me laugh to this day!

Faith: Having faith is key to my overall health and happiness . I am aware my life has purpose and I am fortunate to be here to enjoy the journey while I can!

Attitude: keeping a positive attitude…especially during the most difficult of times

Forgiveness: forgiving  is my selfish way of staying sane & happy. Not to be confused with forgetting but rather letting go. All I can do is live this day to the fullest, there is no room in my 24 hours for negative feelings

Awareness, Compassion & Empathy: Awareness of the fact that there are others who are dealt a far less fortunate hand in life & whose suffering is completely foreign to me. To imagining myself in those shoes and how I would handle the same set of circumstances humbles me. I am grateful for the blessings in my life.


Street Capture- Cairo, Egypt 2011

Passion: For life & the endless possibilities! 

Motivation: discovering ways to stay motivated…then sticking to those plans!:)

Love & Charity:  not in the romantic sense (although that’s good too *wink wink)….rather in the humanitarian sense.

Truly loving those around me with compassion is what life is all about. Stepping outside of my own sheltered world helps me to stay grounded, content and most grateful 🙂 Smiling is a form of charity & can make a persons otherwise crappy day a little brighter.


My G-Son, Aiden loving his GG (great Grandma/my Mom)
Photo Credit: KBG Photography
(Awesome Photographer located in Rhode Island, USA)

Being myself: there is only one me in this world! Why would I wish to be anyone but who I am. I am by far perfect…..a continued work in progress, but I enjoy being me with all my strengths, creativity, flaws. & weaknesses. Feeling relaxed in my own skin is essential to my health, happiness and well-being. ………


just being me with my silly G-Son Aiden. :]

….Today at almost fabulous fifty I can say that this is true…. (almost as in a couple of years away…but who’s counting!) 😉