Street Vendor
awesome cowboy hat ‘salesman’ & he’s wearing them all! :]
Cairo, Egypt


‘Balancing Act’ –  Bread delivery bike weaving in and out of Cairo’s extremely heavy traffic. w/out dropping one piece! 🙂

May 20, 2011- Cairo, Egypt. 376

‘Ordinary highway’ – an out of focus awesome capture –something you don’t see every day!

KeKe's Pictures 025

Neighborhood watch during Egypt’s revolution. People flooded the streets with sticks and stones 24/7 to protect their neighborhoods from crime.

KeKe's Pictures 360

Street corner sugar Cane. Cairo
+ the standard car troubles

KeKe's Pictures 290

speaking of which…..
Quality is not the greatest as this was captured through the windshield of my car —a drive-by shooting if you will. :]



Here is a scene you will see quite often in Cairo. Often times there are entire families on one bike. Not very safe but pretty awesome! I will have to hunt down an image to show you…I know I have a few. – a windshield capture 🙂

May 26, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 293

Cruising along- Cairo

May 20, 2011- Cairo, Egypt. 067

street sweeper Cairo


Night Capture in Cairo. You can see the mosque in the background.  Appears I was not suppose to be shooting here and nearly had my camera equipment confiscated. Was it worth it?  Probably not!    (stupid American! hahaha)

Where is your favorite place to shoot street scenes?  Where in the world have you been?/  have plans to go? /wish to travel to?