Whoa!  Feels like I’ve been gone for a week!  Oh, wait a minute, I have been gone for a week!   I seriously don’t know how that happened except to say  I’ve been a busy little  bee lately.  While I did not finish up my Blog Every Day in May quest I do not feel like a failure at all.  I made it through  three memorable weeks of posting.  That’s some sorta accomplishment!

This past week I decided to jot down some of my crochet patterns to sell in my shop.  Patterns will be the only item offered for now until life slows down a bit.     At this moment in time I have two testers who generously offered to lend a  hook hand  and test my patterns for errors and whatnot.     I am sure I will have some exciting developments to share with you soon.

Enjoy a few quick IPad snaps – crochet edgings & doily I worked up this past weekend.




Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  I am off to enjoy a cuppa while catching up on a few great reads here!