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Have to share this adorable FREE pattern by EMMAKD27 via Best of Crochet Blog. Sooooooo cute! Plan to make this for the Gdoodles! 🙂

Best of Crochet

Crochet Giraffe by Emmakd27

This colorful stripey Crochet Giraffe would certainly make any kid very happy! Designed by Emmakd27, pattern available here.

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I confess I have had a little bit of a crochet doily obsession as of late.  To prove my point enjoy a  few quick IPad captures:


worked this beauty from a diagram pattern. So excited I finally made the plunge!
The plan is to turn this one into a bowl.   I’ll share when it’s complete.


I almost gave up on this  because I don’t really care for patterns that require breaking off and finishing things separately. Call me crazy but I like to have the freedom to rip stitches if I’m not thrilled with how the pattern is working up……However I loved how this turned out so happy that I hung in there!    Find the free pattern  HERE


in my world these items go together 🙂


If you are one of the lucky folks who have a three-day weekend….ENJOY!

I am not one of them.







street capture
Cairo, Egypt


“If you could talk to your thirteen year old self what would you say?”


Some words of wisdom:   Although sometimes you may feel lost in the crowd know you are blessed to have been born into a family surrounded by lifetime friends in the making!  Siblings understand you like no other, support you regardless of the circumstance and truly love and care for you.  Try to return these favors with gratitude and kindness. Your sisters will always  have your back with the very best of intentions.  They are now and always will  be your very best friends!


1970’s version of my thirteen year old self roasting marshmallows with some of my siblings and cousins.   I like my marshmallows burnt to a crisp…..don’t judge me!  lol
That blonde girl is me standing next to  the most amazing people I know, my sister Nan & brother Thomas. (In the blue shirt).


70’s Halloween photo of me with some of my siblings. ( brothers Thomas and Chris, me and my sister Nannie Noonie). Halloween also happens to be my beautiful Mother’s birthday! I think she looked forward to the couple of hours  peace & quiet while the kiddies got to trick or treat!


I was a little older than 13 at this time…thinking around 20yrs.
My best friends/sisters and I on a Florida Vacation sometime in the 80’s
good times, good times!

Be especially kind to your parents no matter how irritating they may seem at your age. Someday you will not have the opportunity to let them know how much you truly appreciate and love them for everything they do & for the supportive loving parents that they are. Understand that they are not perfect.  Consider the fact that Mom and Dad are making many sacrifices for you & your siblings to enjoy all the fruits of their hard labor.


The best parents in the universe on their wedding day.
Love them both so much!
Dad passed on in 1990 from brain cancer. I miss him so much every single day. I am very fortunate that I had the opportunity to spend time with him and tell him how much I love him before he left us. RIP my dear Dad!

Cleaning your room is really not that big of a deal when you consider the time and energy your parents place into raising you.  Be grateful & appreciative.


misspelled graffiti wall- RI, USA

Never forget where you come from, who you are and the people who mean the most.  Your life has only just begun….there is so many wonderful opportunities to look forward to!!!!!


Life is GREAT!

Fresh Off The Hook!

I have a project in mind for all these newly crochet doilies.   Still have a few more to go before I can get started!





a couple of original Off The Hook Thread  doily designs
Some day I will jot down the patterns if anyone is interested.


My very first attempt at a diagram crochet pattern (with a little twist of my own thrown in for good measure) !
Seriously do not know why I did not try these before!
***Proud moment 🙂

Hope your day is full of sunshine and happiness!

Peace, K

An up-close capture of my son J trying not to burn to a crisp – Matunuck  RI, USA

a practice shot & extreme edit
(shhhh what he doesn’t know will not hurt him!) 🙂



Cairo, Egypt


April 25, 2011 033

fruit & veggie street vendor

April 25, 2011 073

captured in Cairo
I love everything about this shot

April 28, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 278

awesome summer sky

JULY 2, 2011 193

overhead action shotJunk food on the go

JULY 2, 2011 412

& another 🙂
Niquabi (fully covered)

May 19, 2011- Cairo, Egypt. 015

just another day in Cairo traffic

May 19, 2011- Cairo, Egypt. 161

another incredible sunset!
can not get enough of these!

May 26, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 026

A drive by shooting (capture)
love when this happens and I’m there to capture it!

May 26, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 113

another drive by
love it!

May 26, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 204

double exposure
Actually dig this… a lot!

I am a girl with very few words today.  Hope you enjoyed my picture post

Happy Monday!  See you all tomorrow!



As I have committed myself to blog every single solitary day in the month of  May


I thought I would share a few images once again.

I am currently working on some awesome crochet projects & hopefully will have more to say/share next week 🙂

For now….enjoy!


Not a big fan of spiders!
Must have been feeling brave this night.
Yuk but awesome at the same time!


Not a fan of cats either! lol
Cookie is my sisters evil cat. I am surprised he did not bite me for this one!



My G-doodle A
I’m in there somewhere too 🙂


It’s been a long week and today is the first day of my weekend so thought I would share just a little something!   😉


 there’s something about dried/wilted flowers that I love


Happy Thursday!


Happy Wednesday!

More street captures from Cairo, Egypt.


Street vendor selling windshield covers in the middle of a busy highway.
He was kind enough to let me take his picture :]

Many flag vendors lined the street after Egypt’s revolution. I managed a few captures although I did not want to cause much attention to myself at this time.


‘Compassion’ – a touching candid street capture


hard-working men in the scorching heat. God bless them!


smoke break 🙂

March 11, 2011 102

Love everything about this!

KeKe's Pictures 545

Strung lights everywhere in Egypt.
Pretty awesome view at night.

One of my very favorite sunset captures –  shot off a 5th floor balcony. Cairo.
This print is available for purchase in a larger format- if you are interested hit me up.

Have a fabulous day!


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