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Right you are! The answer is me.
Well maybe not but I have been knitting at lightening speed in an attempt to finish all of my handmade Christmas gifts for the fam. While that does not make me superman woman it does make me happy! The only problem I have when knitting presents for others is I want to keep them for myself! I always have the good intention to whip up an extra for me but honestly that never happens.

Knit washable wool beanie hats for The G-doodles. I think this one is in need of a fluffy pink Pom-Pom. Fingers crossed it fits! I’m currently working on a matching pair of mittens & two more kids hats for the boys. hoping they also fit ūüėČ


The boys hats look like this at the moment


This beautiful scarf is still on the needles. Can’t wait to finish & block it. So far I am in love with everything about it!


There’s more but I will share all of my finished projects eventually. For now enjoy this awesome iPad capture of these amazing strawberries ;). Seriously. They are delicious!


*New design
Ruffles-n-Puffs crochet cowl for kids
Measures approx.5×20″
Designed to fit children between the ages of 3-10. Wear responsibly & with caution on the littles as anything around the neck can indeed become a choking hazard.
Worked in soft suede mustard cotton & drapes beautifully.
This lovely little cowl will be available for purchase via my Etsy shop within the next couple of days….hopefully! Fingers crossed! Life is hectic at the moment!

I plan to jot down the pattern to share here on my blog but I just need to find the time to do that! Keep your eyes on this blog for the free pattern! Coming soon…….


I’ve mentioned in my last post how I’ve spent some time testing & preparing a few of my original Off The Hook crochet/knit designs that will eventually make their way into my shop.

Recently while out shopping I came across some pretty crochet baskets & as tempted as I was to purchase a few the price tag was a little too steep for my taste. Of course as soon as I arrived home I made my own version & actually love it even more than the ones in the store.

& another original basket pattern by OTHD


Ohmygosh I absolutely adore this free beginner knit pattern: Non-felted Slippers by Yuko Nakamura & have made several pair for family, friends & of course myself. I achieved various sizes by switching needle by a 1/2 – full size




Doily dream catcher by Off The Hook. Just felt like doing something a little different & really like the result.


A free-form cotton/wool crochet jean patch by OTHD


Crochet cotton wash cloth. ‚̧ this has quickly become a favorite if mine!



Crochet/knit lace & embroidery



Adorable knit collar pattern (FREE) @ reckless glue


Recently I scored this beautiful antique Singer sewing machine! Now to learn how to use it……


A few KeKe Photography captures 2014

Peace, K.





While I’ve been away from the blogging world over the past several months I have managed to finish quite a few projects as well as grow in my craft….& life for that matter.
Its been a productive year for me but It is seriously so great to be back! I’m spending some time this morning enjoying my delicious homemade English muffin w/orange marmalade & steaming hot cuppa while catching up on all of my favorite blogs. There are so many wonderfully talented artists here….I am in awe of your beautiful work,words, incredible inspirations, talents and creations.

Here are a few quick (mostly ipad) snaps of just some of my yarn art from this past year.

I LOVE detachable crochet collars. Seriously it’s becoming a borderline obsession of mine. An OTHD original collar pattern worked up in colorful wool. Excuse me while I brag a moment…..I am quite proud of this design! It looks adorable on! It’s soft & comfy as well

My very first attempt at felting wool. Added a cute thread crochet doily embellishment. Kinda digging these soft-n-comfy slippers.


My favorite color cotton knit scarf using this free pattern from purlbee


Adorable crochet infant sandals made for a friend who recently gave birth to a cute little girl


Crochet thread embellished tank. An OTHD original




Crochet lace doily pattern by Off The Hook Designs by KeKe


Crochet thread jar cozy. An OTHD original pattern


Little girl crochet slipper pattern


Pink skull crochet pattern- an OTHD original


Until next time…enjoy this cell snap of an Incredible sunset captured in 2012 Rhode Island, USA


As promised a Wrapping It Up– glass jar cozy tutorial.

Things you’ll need:


Several scraps of different shades & textured yarn/string/ribbon/thread.
I imagine you could even use strips of fabric although I have not yet attempted this method


*Clear drying craft glue (I’ve tested several and have had the best results using fabric stitch glue)
*A glass bottle or jam jar
*Sponge for applying glue or if you are brave and don’t mind getting your hands a bit messy use your fingers to apply glue (I used a little makeup application sponge–it’s what I had on hand and it works perfectly for this project)
*Small scissors



Remove any labels from glass jar by spraying a little ‘Skin-So-Soft bath oil by Avon’ directly onto the label.
After allowing to sit for a few minutes the label should lift right off the glass.
If you do not have SSS bath oil on hand just soak your jar in warm soapy water for 15 minutes or so and use a little elbow grease. If the label is very stubborn & difficult to remove after soaking just scrape off using a Brillo pad or steel wool while the label is still wet. (btw SSS makes an excellent mosquito repellent as well. Love the stuff!)
image source: Google Images-Avon


Apply glue to your sponge and swipe a thin layer to a small area of the glass. You do not have to saturate your jar in glue because once you begin wrapping the yarn stays pretty secure. Only apply the glue to begin & end each new color so that it lays flat & secure against the glass.


Slowly & evenly begin wrapping one color yarn around jar using your fingers (or you could use the flat side of a nail stick) to push the yarn into place so that it is nice and snug. You don’t want to see gaps between the yarn.


Choose a different color and/or textured yarn and repeat the above step until you are satisfied with your design.


use various textured/colored yarns


Allow to dry completely before displaying
makes a unique pen cozy
or bud vase.
*note the two solid color crochet designs pictured above are removable crochet glass cozies. The yarn wrapped cozies are permanent and can not be removed from the glass jar.


I love these little glass jar sweaters.  I really enjoy making them because not only are they adorable but they work up rather quickly.

You can find a crochet pattern for one HERE  (cute green cozy pictured above).  The multi colored cozy designs are actually thread wrapped glass.

I will be posting up a super simple wrap cozy tutorial soon so keep your eyes peeled!   Have a wonderful day!   -K


I crocheted this small hexagon using left over white thread from a previous project though I imagine this pattern would look fantastic worked up with vibrant color yarn.   The materials I used are a size 3 crochet thread with a size 0 crochet hook.  While I have not tested this pattern using any other type of yarn I am pretty certain  it can be worked up in a worsted weight yarn as well.   My example measures approximately  3.5 inches

Skill Level: Easy

American Crochet Terms

ch = chain
sl= slip stitch
bo= bind off
beg= beginning
dc= double crochet

Special stitches:
Beg 3dc cluster:
Ch 3, make 2 more dc but hold onto the last chain of each dc, yo & pull through all 3 loops on hook   (ch3, yo, insert into stitch, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook, yo, pull through 1 loop* rep 1x more, yo, pull through all 3 loops on hook)

3dc cluster:
dc 3x’s holding onto the last chain of each dc, yo, pull through all 4 loops on hook¬† ( yo, insert into stitch, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook, yo, pull through 1 loop* rep 2x more, yo, pull through all 4 loops on hook.)

Beg Round.  chain 5, sl to form a ring.

Round 2.    Beg 3dc cluster in ring, ch 3, *(3dc cluster in ring, ch3) 5x = 6 3dc clusters & 6 ch3 spaces.

Round 3. Sl to first ch3 sp, beg 3dc cluster, ch3, 3dc cluster all in same space, ch3 (3dc cluster, ch3, 3dc cluster, ch3)  in each ch3 sp around. Sl to Beg 3dc cluster of previous round.

Round 4. Sl to first ch3 sp. beg 3dc cluster in first ch3 sp. (3dc cluster, ch3, 3dc cluster in next ch3 sp, 3dc cluster in next ch 3 sp) around. sl to beg 3dc cluster of previous round.

Round 5.¬† Sl to first ch3 sp, ch 3, 2 dc in same space, (3dc,ch2,3dc in next ch3 sp. 3dc in next 2 ch3 sp’s) around. Sl to join. bo, weave in ends.


stitch motifs together & create something awesome! :]

Happy Sunday Everyone…& Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my Irish friends!

Starching a crochet doily into a bowl shape  is a really inexpensive & easy project which yield beautiful results.


Things you’ll need:

-Crochet Doily (I made mine specifically for this project, however if you do not crochet or just don’t feel up to making one yourself….vintage doilies¬† can be purchased at practically any second-hand store or consignment shop)


appropriate sized bowl to drape your doily over

How To:
1. measure out equal amounts of water and white sugar (depending on the size of your doily I used 2 cups each for my bowl but probably could have gotten away with one cup …live and learn)

2. bring to a boil …let boil just a few minutes

3. allow mixture to cool to room temperature. Sugar will dissolve and water will become clear as it cools down.

4. place doily into sugar/water mixture and let soak (for best results let your doily soak  for a few minutes so that it is completely saturated)

5. roll doily in a towel and gently press out excess moisture

6. Place bowl upside down & arrange your doily over the bowl to dry.
(be sure to stretch & shape  your doily over bowl to ensure that all the details are visible)

7. Let dry for several days before removing from bowl.  Be sure your doily is completely dry & hardened before removing it from the bowl or it most likely will not hold its shape for very long.

8. Jump for joy, proudly admire, fill with whatever pleases you, display for all to see &

Note:¬† Sugar starching¬† is not¬† permanent but will keep it’s shape as long as you so choose, ¬† which is wonderful for those of us who change our minds often…hahahaa
if you wish to convert your bowl back into a flat doily, just rinse thoroughly with warm water and mild detergent. Roll in towel to blot dry. Block.  (You may have to repeat the rinsing process a few times to ensure all sugar mixture is removed before *blocking)

*Blocking:  Method of stretching, shaping and pinning crochet pieces flat to dry bringing out all the lovely detail of the crochet piece for display.


Hi again!

You¬† may remember a couple of posts ago,¬† I mentioned that a bottle of extra virgin Olive oil is kept on my dresser in my bedroom for which I fashioned a cute little cotton crocheted cozy (say that 10 X’s fast).¬† You can find that pattern here. ¬† I must say that every time I glance at my little bottle-o-love my heart does a happy dance.¬† That’s what creativity is all about!¬† It just makes me happy to know that I’ve¬† created something with my own two hands which is¬† pleasing to the eye! I absolutely Love it!

I’ll bet you have been wondering since said post (all of two days ago),¬† Why does Karen keep that bottle of oil on her dresser? Well I’m here to explain myself.¬† :]

I use my olive oil as a very important added ingredient in my delicious homemade diy body scrub recipe. Because I do not want to mistake this oil for the one that I use to cook with, it is kept in my room.¬†¬† There you have it!¬† ¬† In addition, it serves as a handy lip balm, foot rub and hair tonic during these cold winter months…or anytime really!!¬† For the lips: dab a bit straight from the bottle onto a q-tip & apply.¬† For hair and feet: warm a 1/4 cup in the microwave for a few seconds and apply leave overnight (sock your tootsies) and rinse well in the a.m..¬† Its wonderful, all natural, and great for your skin and hair! (not to mention your body)

So without further ado, I present you with my very own


smells good enough to eat!

Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub Recipe:


1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp. Vanilla Extract
1/2 cup White sugar
1/2 cup raw sugar
1/4 cup pure honey
2 tsp. ground cinnamon {freshly ground or powdered}


Medium mixing bowl
wooden mixing spoon
measuring cups and measuring spoons


warm honey in the microwave for just a few seconds.¬† Operative word here is “WARM“.¬† You do not want to boil or over heat the honey. This step is to thin the honey consistency a bit before adding to other ingredients.¬†¬† Set aside.

Measure out your sugars and mix them together to incorporate.
add olive oil, ground cinnamon, and vanilla extract to your sugar mixture.  Stir well.
add honey. Stir very well.

Place in a airtight container to keep fresh and moist.
This body scrubs will stay fresh for up to one month as long as it is stored properly. You may find that you have used it up before the expiration- in which case, you may double your recipe or add a bit more to each ingredient.  Its not a perfect science so play around with it a bit.  Add your own twist by incorporating other wonderful scents & natural ingredients.  This scrub makes a wonderful gift for friends and family.   I always appreciate homemade gifts!

*You may add a few drops more of olive oil or sugars if you are not satisfied with the consistency. The olive oil tends to separate a bit as it is stored so be sure to stir well before each use.

*Because this mixture is rather abrasive, it is not intended for use on your face.  I do have an awesome facial recipe that I use faithfully and swear by.  I will share this with you next time.

For now, have a wonderful day & enjoy your very own vanilla body scrub!



Last night I posted a little teaser for this jar cozy¬† with the promise to post up a free crochet pattern.¬† Since I like to keep my promises…….


Olive Ewe Jar Cozy Pattern:

I created my cozy for an 8oz.¬† sized glass olive oil jar that is square in shape.¬†¬† I’m certain this pattern can be fashioned to any sized square bottle by simply creating your starting chains longer by adding a few extra chains onto the beginning 4 chains of 20. (sounds confusing…it really is not) ¬† For example my pattern requires 4 chains of 20 in order to fit snugly around my olive oil jar.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The bottom will look like a cross that overlaps the edges a bit as in my photo example.


This is an original pattern created with love by me & is my absolute pleasure to share with you to use and enjoy.  My only request is that you not sell items made from this pattern online & if you happen to post pictures online of your finished project using this pattern please link my page. Give credit where credit is due. Thanks so much!  Enjoy!!!

Lets get started!

Please note I am not a pattern jotting expert!¬† I’ve only ever written patterns for friends to try, and well because they are friends I doubt very much¬† they would want to tell me I’m not very good at it!¬† hahaha…¬†¬† I will do my best here and if you happen to notice any mistakes feel free to bring them to my attention!¬†¬† If you get stuck on any part of this pattern, feel free to hit me up here and I will do my very best to help walk you through.

Materials I used:

Thread size 6 (mine was purchased overseas and is 100% Egyptian cotton)
Steel crochet hook size 0
-or any light weight thread cotton yarn and matching size hook.

Crochet Terms (American English):

ch= chain
SC = Single Crochet
Sl_ slip stitch


Round 1.  *Make a beginning chain of 21, sc twice into the 20th chain from your hook* <*you may need to add or subtract a few beginning chains in order to fit your particular jar>  Measure it on the bottom of your container by centering it,  to see if it reaches over the sides a bit.  If so, your good to go!
Repeat from * to * 3 times more join with a sl to first sc Рyou will sc twice into the same chain as the first each time.  You now have four loops of 20 with 2 sc between each loop.

Round 2. Sl into the first 10 chains of the beginning chain 20, ch 1,  sc, ch3, sc in same chain space.  *Chain 10, sc, ch3, sc* in each loop around. sl to join in first sc.
Round 3. <this round will begin continuous rounds without joining>
sl into first chain 3 space.
ch1, sc, ch 3, sc in same space, *chain 5, sc, ch3, sc in next chain 3 space* *to* around. do not join on this round or proceeding rounds.

Round 4.  sc, ch 3, sc in chain three space, ch 5, *sc, ch 3, sc in next ch 3 space, chain 5*  repeat *to* around
Round 5.¬† repeat round 4 continuously, until desire length.¬† You can finish off any way you choose. I made a little crochet i-cord using some soft wool scraps from a sweater I made last year…. weaved the cord into each loop around the neck of the bottle….¬† Its simple and cute.¬† You can use ribbon or crochet a cute border.¬† The sky is the limit people!


Whats really fantastic is no one would ever guess there is a bottle of olive oil sitting on my dresser in my bedroom.¬† It looks as though it belongs there¬† amongst all my other pretty things …it actually does serve a purpose for reasons I will explain on a later blog.

Til then, Peace, love and blessings

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