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I’ve mentioned in my last post how I’ve spent some time testing & preparing a few of my original Off The Hook crochet/knit designs that will eventually make their way into my shop.

Recently while out shopping I came across some pretty crochet baskets & as tempted as I was to purchase a few the price tag was a little too steep for my taste. Of course as soon as I arrived home I made my own version & actually love it even more than the ones in the store.

& another original basket pattern by OTHD


Ohmygosh I absolutely adore this free beginner knit pattern: Non-felted Slippers by Yuko Nakamura & have made several pair for family, friends & of course myself. I achieved various sizes by switching needle by a 1/2 – full size




Doily dream catcher by Off The Hook. Just felt like doing something a little different & really like the result.


A free-form cotton/wool crochet jean patch by OTHD


Crochet cotton wash cloth. ❤ this has quickly become a favorite if mine!



Crochet/knit lace & embroidery



Adorable knit collar pattern (FREE) @ reckless glue


Recently I scored this beautiful antique Singer sewing machine! Now to learn how to use it……


A few KeKe Photography captures 2014

Peace, K.






street capture
Cairo, Egypt


An up-close capture of my son J trying not to burn to a crisp – Matunuck  RI, USA

a practice shot & extreme edit
(shhhh what he doesn’t know will not hurt him!) 🙂



Cairo, Egypt


April 25, 2011 033

fruit & veggie street vendor

April 25, 2011 073

captured in Cairo
I love everything about this shot

April 28, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 278

awesome summer sky

JULY 2, 2011 193

overhead action shotJunk food on the go

JULY 2, 2011 412

& another 🙂
Niquabi (fully covered)

May 19, 2011- Cairo, Egypt. 015

just another day in Cairo traffic

May 19, 2011- Cairo, Egypt. 161

another incredible sunset!
can not get enough of these!

May 26, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 026

A drive by shooting (capture)
love when this happens and I’m there to capture it!

May 26, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 113

another drive by
love it!

May 26, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 204

double exposure
Actually dig this… a lot!

I am a girl with very few words today.  Hope you enjoyed my picture post

Happy Monday!  See you all tomorrow!



As I have committed myself to blog every single solitary day in the month of  May


I thought I would share a few images once again.

I am currently working on some awesome crochet projects & hopefully will have more to say/share next week 🙂

For now….enjoy!


Not a big fan of spiders!
Must have been feeling brave this night.
Yuk but awesome at the same time!


Not a fan of cats either! lol
Cookie is my sisters evil cat. I am surprised he did not bite me for this one!



My G-doodle A
I’m in there somewhere too 🙂


It’s been a long week and today is the first day of my weekend so thought I would share just a little something!   😉


 there’s something about dried/wilted flowers that I love


Happy Thursday!


Happy Wednesday!

More street captures from Cairo, Egypt.


Street vendor selling windshield covers in the middle of a busy highway.
He was kind enough to let me take his picture :]

Many flag vendors lined the street after Egypt’s revolution. I managed a few captures although I did not want to cause much attention to myself at this time.


‘Compassion’ – a touching candid street capture


hard-working men in the scorching heat. God bless them!


smoke break 🙂

March 11, 2011 102

Love everything about this!

KeKe's Pictures 545

Strung lights everywhere in Egypt.
Pretty awesome view at night.

One of my very favorite sunset captures –  shot off a 5th floor balcony. Cairo.
This print is available for purchase in a larger format- if you are interested hit me up.

Have a fabulous day!



Street Vendor
awesome cowboy hat ‘salesman’ & he’s wearing them all! :]
Cairo, Egypt


‘Balancing Act’ –  Bread delivery bike weaving in and out of Cairo’s extremely heavy traffic. w/out dropping one piece! 🙂

May 20, 2011- Cairo, Egypt. 376

‘Ordinary highway’ – an out of focus awesome capture –something you don’t see every day!

KeKe's Pictures 025

Neighborhood watch during Egypt’s revolution. People flooded the streets with sticks and stones 24/7 to protect their neighborhoods from crime.

KeKe's Pictures 360

Street corner sugar Cane. Cairo
+ the standard car troubles

KeKe's Pictures 290

speaking of which…..
Quality is not the greatest as this was captured through the windshield of my car —a drive-by shooting if you will. :]



Here is a scene you will see quite often in Cairo. Often times there are entire families on one bike. Not very safe but pretty awesome! I will have to hunt down an image to show you…I know I have a few. – a windshield capture 🙂

May 26, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 293

Cruising along- Cairo

May 20, 2011- Cairo, Egypt. 067

street sweeper Cairo


Night Capture in Cairo. You can see the mosque in the background.  Appears I was not suppose to be shooting here and nearly had my camera equipment confiscated. Was it worth it?  Probably not!    (stupid American! hahaha)

Where is your favorite place to shoot street scenes?  Where in the world have you been?/  have plans to go? /wish to travel to?


The images I am sharing today are totally unrelated to one another.  A bit of street photography captured in Cairo, Egypt mixed with man-made structures & a few natural creations.   Random I know….it’s what I’m feeling today 🙂  Enjoy!


interesting cotton candy building in Cairo, Egypt


Architecture – Cairo, Egypt


boy chasing a cooking gas truck Cairo, Egypt


roadside flower shop Cairo, Egypt


another sunset capture shot off a 5th floor balcony Cairo, Egypt

& yet another… a drive-by: .captured speeding along a busy highway in Cairo Egypt. (on occasion *cough cough…I do tend to shoot while driving)


hero in a half shell- turtle in a tank
Captured  in the Cairo mall


This image was captured way back in 2001
I still love it so thought I would share :)- Warwick RI USA


fuzzy tree flower- I have no idea what kind of flower this is but it’s wicked cool 🙂
If you can educate me please do

& one more random image…..


….because this kinda resembles the fuzzy flower above & me on my bad hair days…. plus it’s cute!

Have a Happy Day!!!!! 🙂

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