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I confess I have had a little bit of a crochet doily obsession as of late.  To prove my point enjoy a  few quick IPad captures:


worked this beauty from a diagram pattern. So excited I finally made the plunge!
The plan is to turn this one into a bowl.   I’ll share when it’s complete.


I almost gave up on this  because I don’t really care for patterns that require breaking off and finishing things separately. Call me crazy but I like to have the freedom to rip stitches if I’m not thrilled with how the pattern is working up……However I loved how this turned out so happy that I hung in there!    Find the free pattern  HERE


in my world these items go together 🙂


If you are one of the lucky folks who have a three-day weekend….ENJOY!

I am not one of them.






Making progress on my crochet table runner/window drape
Love it!


Also working a bit on a few of these beautiful charted doily patterns
Lots of freebies  HERE

I must confess although I am a seasoned crochet-er 😉  I have never attempted chart  patterns!  (I know, right!)

I hate to say that I found them to be a bit intimidating initially.  Silly,  I know!       I think I may actually like these charts better than written patterns because they appear to be more precise.  Sometimes written patterns have errors.     Anywhooo this is my very first attempt at this chart thing.  If things go well  I will eventually share some updates.:)

Do you work from chart patterns?  If so I’d love to hear your theory on this subject.  :]

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!!!





My adorable husband (who knows me oh so well) surprised me with some lovely 100% Egyptian cotton yarn in two really beautiful shades that match perfectly together. (He’s seriously the BEST!)


….so of course I immediately began working on a little crochet project.
I LOVE this yarn! It is so cushiony and soft -really great to work with!
I will share my finished project once it is complete! I’m already beginning to LOVE how it is turning out! EEEEK! 🙂


…in other news: My hubby requested a crochet coaster for his work desk. Yeah, I was surprised as well! He hardly ever asks me to make anything for him…so I jumped at the chance & had this made and ready for him by the next morning!
Here is his newly crochet ‘manly’ coaster cradling a smug mug on it’s mug  (the cup not the husband!) 🙂


The husband coaster Grey wool (per request) w/ white cotton trim. :] Simple and sturdy. I have a sneaking suspicion I will be making a few more of these this week.


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