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A knit hat for the hubs.
His birthday is next month. Every year he asks for a hat & every year I promise myself (& him) that I will make him one. I’ve resorted to purchasing store brand knits in an attempt to appease him. In case you’re wondering, that totally did not work.
This year I honored my promise & actually hand knit him the most awesome pure wool hat ever! I love it! More importantly (I guess) , HE loves it AND I managed to make & gift it an entire month before his actual birthday! Go me! 😉
ok, so I’m a little impatient when it comes to handmade surprises.
Poor guy couldn’t even get all the way in the door from work before I shoved the bundle under his nose fully expecting him to open it, put it on right away & wear it for the rest of the evening so that I could stare at the hat him all night admiring my handiwork him wearing his hat.
In case you’re wondering, he did that for me. He’s a keeper for sure!




Happy 29th  to my gorgeous daughter, J :]

Love her.



Awesome Mom to my G-doodles!


her personality shines through at the age of 4 in the very first image on this strip :] She’s still as fantastic, funny and energetic! Such a beauty inside and out!
3rd image: humorous Christmas card photo


J @the beach with g-doodles A & A


Happy 24th to the best son in the world!

He’s such a great person

Love him

In need of a hot cuppa or a nap?

Friday can not arrive  fast enough!


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