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Fresh Off The Hook!

I have a project in mind for all these newly crochet doilies.   Still have a few more to go before I can get started!





a couple of original Off The Hook Thread  doily designs
Some day I will jot down the patterns if anyone is interested.


My very first attempt at a diagram crochet pattern (with a little twist of my own thrown in for good measure) !
Seriously do not know why I did not try these before!
***Proud moment 🙂

Hope your day is full of sunshine and happiness!

Peace, K

Happy Wednesday!

More street captures from Cairo, Egypt.


Street vendor selling windshield covers in the middle of a busy highway.
He was kind enough to let me take his picture :]

Many flag vendors lined the street after Egypt’s revolution. I managed a few captures although I did not want to cause much attention to myself at this time.


‘Compassion’ – a touching candid street capture


hard-working men in the scorching heat. God bless them!


smoke break 🙂

March 11, 2011 102

Love everything about this!

KeKe's Pictures 545

Strung lights everywhere in Egypt.
Pretty awesome view at night.

One of my very favorite sunset captures –  shot off a 5th floor balcony. Cairo.
This print is available for purchase in a larger format- if you are interested hit me up.

Have a fabulous day!



Street Vendor
awesome cowboy hat ‘salesman’ & he’s wearing them all! :]
Cairo, Egypt


‘Balancing Act’ –  Bread delivery bike weaving in and out of Cairo’s extremely heavy traffic. w/out dropping one piece! 🙂

May 20, 2011- Cairo, Egypt. 376

‘Ordinary highway’ – an out of focus awesome capture –something you don’t see every day!

KeKe's Pictures 025

Neighborhood watch during Egypt’s revolution. People flooded the streets with sticks and stones 24/7 to protect their neighborhoods from crime.

KeKe's Pictures 360

Street corner sugar Cane. Cairo
+ the standard car troubles

KeKe's Pictures 290

speaking of which…..
Quality is not the greatest as this was captured through the windshield of my car —a drive-by shooting if you will. :]



Here is a scene you will see quite often in Cairo. Often times there are entire families on one bike. Not very safe but pretty awesome! I will have to hunt down an image to show you…I know I have a few. – a windshield capture 🙂

May 26, 2011 Cairo, Egypt 293

Cruising along- Cairo

May 20, 2011- Cairo, Egypt. 067

street sweeper Cairo


Night Capture in Cairo. You can see the mosque in the background.  Appears I was not suppose to be shooting here and nearly had my camera equipment confiscated. Was it worth it?  Probably not!    (stupid American! hahaha)

Where is your favorite place to shoot street scenes?  Where in the world have you been?/  have plans to go? /wish to travel to?



Happy Mothers Day to one of the most beautiful people I know. My Mom at the age of three push-mowing my grandparents lawn. I remember using this same lawnmower on my (many)  visits to my grandparents.


words fail to describe my love for this woman
She’s truly one of a kind, a beautiful soul & a wonderful mother


with the patience of a saint she loved unconditionally all 7 of her little trouble makers.
(my youngest sibling was just a glimmer in my parents eyes at this time)
can you guess which one is me? :] 1966



Mom with her great grand-babies August 2012

Love you Mom!

A Very Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Moms out there!



family captures :}


“Are you a Twitter-lover? Or maybe you can’t get enough of Pinterest? Do you need to share every meal on Instagram? Do you waste away the hours watching Youtube? Or Facebook is your comfort zone? Tell us about your favourite social media channel and why”

I’m not sure if it is a favorite because I’m not really into social sites but I appreciate Facebook for allowing me to stay in touch with my loved ones near and far.


extreme edit of the G-doodles and a friend.

I love logging on to find posts from my Mom who turns 84 this coming Halloween. She’s adorable and always posts  something equally adorable. During the times I am away from home & not available to speak with mom everyday it is great to see her posting to Facebook….it lets me know she is OK. :). I’m so fortunate to have my wonderful Mother still in my life. Love her beyond measure.


My beautiful Mom (in black) with her adorable sister, my aunt -Best Friends Forever! 


What’s your favorite social media?


“Tell us about your first job. Did you love it or was it horrendous”

From the time I was about 8 years old into my early teens I spent most of my weekend nights babysitting for my  neighborhood children.   I was a very popular babysitter as I grew up in a family of  7 kids…all potential babysitters in the eyes of my neighbors.   I still have contact and relationships with some of the kids I sat for.  It’s wonderful to hear  that I have made a difference in their lives.

My very first ‘real’ job was basically the same thing only I got to work in my bikini, picnic poolside every day, swim & lounge around all summer…… AND  got paid for it!!!   🙂  I LOVED my first  job!  My employers were very kind and extremely generous.  They compensated me above and beyond my imagination at that time.  I was living the life I tell ya!


My daughter, Jenn and G-doodle A.

My job title was that of a nanny/referee/life guard/taxi driver/nurse/cook/maid…. basically a glorified babysitter or otherwise known as a MOM! lol


G-doodle A, poolside :]

For three (short) wonderful years of my teenage  life, all summer long…I cared for 2 very well-behaved little adorables  at their family private swim club.


my grandson with a friend :]

While the kiddies  took swim lessons nanny  got to  lounge by the pool basking in the glorious sunlight taking periodic dips in the refreshing pool    🙂


daughter Tay w/ fiance E

…..and then I became a mother/gwamma and got to do all of these wonderful things with my own kids & grand doodles…only now

for free!


“Tell us all about your pets, past and/or present”

While I am not a big fan of owning a pet (at all)   I have fallen in love with  one adorable miniature Yorkie named Gizmo Bartholomew  (Gizzy Goo).


….and this is why! He’s a cutie for sure!
a one of my many cell phone captures

Gizzy is the coolest dog I’ve ever known! He  belongs to a friend of mine so I can enjoy a visit with him  whenever I feel like without having the  massive responsibly of actually owning him.   Best of both worlds for me!


He will actually only bite you if you happen to be male. lol
Photo credit: Giz’s owner CB
Edits by me 😉


My beautiful daughter Tay

It’s a long weekend! What are your favorite ways to enjoy the extra long weekend off work?

This weekend was indeed a long one for me but unfortunately was not a holiday at all. (unless you consider work, laundry, cooking and cleaning fun?!?)

I would love to enjoy three entire days just lounging  by the pool, sipping on a cold refreshing beverage, reading  & just soaking up some rays…..hopefully this will happen for me soon!




Today my entry theme is FIVE FAVE: Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why”

Every click on a ‘follow‘ button is a meaningful one as I add blogs that I find interesting, share common interests & enjoy reading/viewing /commenting on……..narrowing them down to my absolute favorite five was much more difficult than anticipated because there are just so many that I enjoy so much….but I did managed to come up with a list after mulling it over for the day.

Here are five blogs that I l truly look forward to seeing new posts from in my reader & ones that I highly recommend:

1. Mascara & Mud
A witty & fun blog that puts a smile on my face with each entry from this lovely author. Cery’s blog is chock-full of wonderful everyday life which allows the reader a peek inside her day-to-day & is always depicted with humor & good taste, An added benefit is there are loads of fabulous colorful photography scattered within the pages of her posts. LOVE!

2. Marryl All write
Marryl has an absolutely stunning blog! Wonderfully imaginative DIY ideas & full detailed photo tutorials …each of her entries are complimented by some amazing soft & romantic photography. Love! Love! Love!

3. People
Uday is a talented self-taught photographer based in New Delhi, India….this blog contains
absolutely breathtaking people photography that capture the essence of a human soul. A blog I visit often & trust me, you should as well!

4. Ethan Crowley
Ethan is a talented photographer. I really enjoy his beautiful & informative daily Cambodian photoblog which contains amazing images and detailed information on areas of his world. Great reads! Lovely blog!

5. Fun Girls Live Better
The author of this fantastic blog shares her interesting and fun writing style that draws me into her stories. Her entries are wonderfully worded and delightfully entertaining as well as meaningful. Just beautiful!

Happy Weekend! (Unfortunately mine is over) K


[ Tell us about your typical day. Or maybe do a photo diary of what you are doing on the hour every hour for 12 hours. Or you could sum up what you did today ]

At the risk of boring you all to tears I have decided to change the rules for this post a bit & not list all the mundane details of my very boring day.  (I would not have it any other way….at my age boring is really all that I  can hope for!)  ….instead, I thought I would   share a photo of the most important aspects/people/art  of my everyday life. (Including family who prefer to remain anonymous & are not ready to make  a blog appearance….they’ll come  around eventually )


Top Left: Crochet motif I worked on today
Bottom Left: Bubbles with my Daughter Jenn, G-doodle A
Top Center: Flowers captured today 🙂
Bottom Center: Some of my family.: G-doodles, my children (minus my son who was working the day this was shot) , my sisters and my beautiful mom! LOVE them all so much!
Bottom Right: 1970’s image of my sisters and I  looking oh so 70’s indeed! :]


Flowers I captured today

Hope your Friday was/is/will be spectacular!

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