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I was so excited to find this free vintage crochet  butterfly pattern via -it reminds me of my beautiful Grandmother and looks so happy there among all my crochet hearts and flowers  🙂
I have a little project in mind for these  & will share it  if when it’s complete.


Are you tired of my glass jar cozies yet?!  No?!   Well as surprising as that is, it is   good to know because I just have to share my latest creation…even if it is a  jar cozy 🙂

I came up with this neat little pattern  the other day while free styling my crochet hook.  It’s actually worked flat and then pulled up together around the glass & secured around the neck of the bottle…super duper cute, quick & easy!  I will share this pattern with you just as soon as I jot it down and re test it.

OK how beautiful is this Autumn Reflections Doily   by Cylinda Mathews?!   LOVE!  I found the (free)  pattern to be quite easy & I ended up completing a finished product in one evening while lounging & watching CNN…which incidentally is in my own humble opinion,  about the only program worth watching  (in small doses) on TV.


Also….I’ve tested my crochet hexagon pattern using worsted weight wool and it turned out really nice.  I did not intend to make more than one but after testing I’m considering working on a few more for a soft wool blanket.   So now you can grab any sized/weight hook-n-yarn and confidently work this pattern up if you are interested.


I adore beautiful, delicate crochet lace & love breaking out my tiny hooks & thread (also my granny glasses as I’m not getting any younger)


Here’s a little something I am working on at the moment.  If I ever finish it I will post up some pictures…but that may take some time.

So that’s me in my world……
What have you been up to in your nook of the planet? I hope whatever it is …it makes your heart happy!

Have a safe & peaceful weekend!  I’m off to celebrate eleven  happy years with the absolute  love of my life!


I crocheted this small hexagon using left over white thread from a previous project though I imagine this pattern would look fantastic worked up with vibrant color yarn.   The materials I used are a size 3 crochet thread with a size 0 crochet hook.  While I have not tested this pattern using any other type of yarn I am pretty certain  it can be worked up in a worsted weight yarn as well.   My example measures approximately  3.5 inches

Skill Level: Easy

American Crochet Terms

ch = chain
sl= slip stitch
bo= bind off
beg= beginning
dc= double crochet

Special stitches:
Beg 3dc cluster:
Ch 3, make 2 more dc but hold onto the last chain of each dc, yo & pull through all 3 loops on hook   (ch3, yo, insert into stitch, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook, yo, pull through 1 loop* rep 1x more, yo, pull through all 3 loops on hook)

3dc cluster:
dc 3x’s holding onto the last chain of each dc, yo, pull through all 4 loops on hook  ( yo, insert into stitch, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook, yo, pull through 1 loop* rep 2x more, yo, pull through all 4 loops on hook.)

Beg Round.  chain 5, sl to form a ring.

Round 2.    Beg 3dc cluster in ring, ch 3, *(3dc cluster in ring, ch3) 5x = 6 3dc clusters & 6 ch3 spaces.

Round 3. Sl to first ch3 sp, beg 3dc cluster, ch3, 3dc cluster all in same space, ch3 (3dc cluster, ch3, 3dc cluster, ch3)  in each ch3 sp around. Sl to Beg 3dc cluster of previous round.

Round 4. Sl to first ch3 sp. beg 3dc cluster in first ch3 sp. (3dc cluster, ch3, 3dc cluster in next ch3 sp, 3dc cluster in next ch 3 sp) around. sl to beg 3dc cluster of previous round.

Round 5.  Sl to first ch3 sp, ch 3, 2 dc in same space, (3dc,ch2,3dc in next ch3 sp. 3dc in next 2 ch3 sp’s) around. Sl to join. bo, weave in ends.


stitch motifs together & create something awesome! :]

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