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You may remember the beautiful yarn my husband gifted me a couple of weeks ago?….. I wrote about it here:  SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY


…here is an additional ‘peek’ of my not-quite-finished project.
 Maggie’s FREE PATTERN   is intended for a table runner however I’m thinking about turning mine into window panels.   I just  love the way they drape when hung.  Super pretty :]    I’ve got a ways to go but will post up some pictures when it’s complete.


In other news I have attempted to recreate this interesting pattern because I absolutely love the little flower look! There are many mistakes made here…but I’m getting it and once I do I shall share a written version of this same pattern.  That is if the artist doesn’t mind.    You can find the pictorial  pattern  HERE


detail in white cotton.

What crochet/knit projects are you currently working on?  I love to see what you do so share away!  🙂


My adorable husband (who knows me oh so well) surprised me with some lovely 100% Egyptian cotton yarn in two really beautiful shades that match perfectly together. (He’s seriously the BEST!)


….so of course I immediately began working on a little crochet project.
I LOVE this yarn! It is so cushiony and soft -really great to work with!
I will share my finished project once it is complete! I’m already beginning to LOVE how it is turning out! EEEEK! 🙂


…in other news: My hubby requested a crochet coaster for his work desk. Yeah, I was surprised as well! He hardly ever asks me to make anything for him…so I jumped at the chance & had this made and ready for him by the next morning!
Here is his newly crochet ‘manly’ coaster cradling a smug mug on it’s mug  (the cup not the husband!) 🙂


The husband coaster Grey wool (per request) w/ white cotton trim. :] Simple and sturdy. I have a sneaking suspicion I will be making a few more of these this week.


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