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Right you are! The answer is me.
Well maybe not but I have been knitting at lightening speed in an attempt to finish all of my handmade Christmas gifts for the fam. While that does not make me superman woman it does make me happy! The only problem I have when knitting presents for others is I want to keep them for myself! I always have the good intention to whip up an extra for me but honestly that never happens.

Knit washable wool beanie hats for The G-doodles. I think this one is in need of a fluffy pink Pom-Pom. Fingers crossed it fits! I’m currently working on a matching pair of mittens & two more kids hats for the boys. hoping they also fit 😉


The boys hats look like this at the moment


This beautiful scarf is still on the needles. Can’t wait to finish & block it. So far I am in love with everything about it!


There’s more but I will share all of my finished projects eventually. For now enjoy this awesome iPad capture of these amazing strawberries ;). Seriously. They are delicious!


“If you could talk to your thirteen year old self what would you say?”


Some words of wisdom:   Although sometimes you may feel lost in the crowd know you are blessed to have been born into a family surrounded by lifetime friends in the making!  Siblings understand you like no other, support you regardless of the circumstance and truly love and care for you.  Try to return these favors with gratitude and kindness. Your sisters will always  have your back with the very best of intentions.  They are now and always will  be your very best friends!


1970’s version of my thirteen year old self roasting marshmallows with some of my siblings and cousins.   I like my marshmallows burnt to a crisp…..don’t judge me!  lol
That blonde girl is me standing next to  the most amazing people I know, my sister Nan & brother Thomas. (In the blue shirt).


70’s Halloween photo of me with some of my siblings. ( brothers Thomas and Chris, me and my sister Nannie Noonie). Halloween also happens to be my beautiful Mother’s birthday! I think she looked forward to the couple of hours  peace & quiet while the kiddies got to trick or treat!


I was a little older than 13 at this time…thinking around 20yrs.
My best friends/sisters and I on a Florida Vacation sometime in the 80’s
good times, good times!

Be especially kind to your parents no matter how irritating they may seem at your age. Someday you will not have the opportunity to let them know how much you truly appreciate and love them for everything they do & for the supportive loving parents that they are. Understand that they are not perfect.  Consider the fact that Mom and Dad are making many sacrifices for you & your siblings to enjoy all the fruits of their hard labor.


The best parents in the universe on their wedding day.
Love them both so much!
Dad passed on in 1990 from brain cancer. I miss him so much every single day. I am very fortunate that I had the opportunity to spend time with him and tell him how much I love him before he left us. RIP my dear Dad!

Cleaning your room is really not that big of a deal when you consider the time and energy your parents place into raising you.  Be grateful & appreciative.


misspelled graffiti wall- RI, USA

Never forget where you come from, who you are and the people who mean the most.  Your life has only just begun….there is so many wonderful opportunities to look forward to!!!!!


Life is GREAT!

An up-close capture of my son J trying not to burn to a crisp – Matunuck  RI, USA

a practice shot & extreme edit
(shhhh what he doesn’t know will not hurt him!) 🙂



Happy Mothers Day to one of the most beautiful people I know. My Mom at the age of three push-mowing my grandparents lawn. I remember using this same lawnmower on my (many)  visits to my grandparents.


words fail to describe my love for this woman
She’s truly one of a kind, a beautiful soul & a wonderful mother


with the patience of a saint she loved unconditionally all 7 of her little trouble makers.
(my youngest sibling was just a glimmer in my parents eyes at this time)
can you guess which one is me? :] 1966



Mom with her great grand-babies August 2012

Love you Mom!

A Very Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Moms out there!



family captures :}


“Are you a Twitter-lover? Or maybe you can’t get enough of Pinterest? Do you need to share every meal on Instagram? Do you waste away the hours watching Youtube? Or Facebook is your comfort zone? Tell us about your favourite social media channel and why”

I’m not sure if it is a favorite because I’m not really into social sites but I appreciate Facebook for allowing me to stay in touch with my loved ones near and far.


extreme edit of the G-doodles and a friend.

I love logging on to find posts from my Mom who turns 84 this coming Halloween. She’s adorable and always posts  something equally adorable. During the times I am away from home & not available to speak with mom everyday it is great to see her posting to Facebook….it lets me know she is OK. :). I’m so fortunate to have my wonderful Mother still in my life. Love her beyond measure.


My beautiful Mom (in black) with her adorable sister, my aunt -Best Friends Forever! 


What’s your favorite social media?


[ Tell us about your typical day. Or maybe do a photo diary of what you are doing on the hour every hour for 12 hours. Or you could sum up what you did today ]

At the risk of boring you all to tears I have decided to change the rules for this post a bit & not list all the mundane details of my very boring day.  (I would not have it any other way….at my age boring is really all that I  can hope for!)  ….instead, I thought I would   share a photo of the most important aspects/people/art  of my everyday life. (Including family who prefer to remain anonymous & are not ready to make  a blog appearance….they’ll come  around eventually )


Top Left: Crochet motif I worked on today
Bottom Left: Bubbles with my Daughter Jenn, G-doodle A
Top Center: Flowers captured today 🙂
Bottom Center: Some of my family.: G-doodles, my children (minus my son who was working the day this was shot) , my sisters and my beautiful mom! LOVE them all so much!
Bottom Right: 1970’s image of my sisters and I  looking oh so 70’s indeed! :]


Flowers I captured today

Hope your Friday was/is/will be spectacular!

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