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Happy 29th  to my gorgeous daughter, J :]

Love her.



Awesome Mom to my G-doodles!


her personality shines through at the age of 4 in the very first image on this strip :] She’s still as fantastic, funny and energetic! Such a beauty inside and out!
3rd image: humorous Christmas card photo


J @the beach with g-doodles A & A



“Tell us about your first job. Did you love it or was it horrendous”

From the time I was about 8 years old into my early teens I spent most of my weekend nights babysitting for my  neighborhood children.   I was a very popular babysitter as I grew up in a family of  7 kids…all potential babysitters in the eyes of my neighbors.   I still have contact and relationships with some of the kids I sat for.  It’s wonderful to hear  that I have made a difference in their lives.

My very first ‘real’ job was basically the same thing only I got to work in my bikini, picnic poolside every day, swim & lounge around all summer…… AND  got paid for it!!!   🙂  I LOVED my first  job!  My employers were very kind and extremely generous.  They compensated me above and beyond my imagination at that time.  I was living the life I tell ya!


My daughter, Jenn and G-doodle A.

My job title was that of a nanny/referee/life guard/taxi driver/nurse/cook/maid…. basically a glorified babysitter or otherwise known as a MOM! lol


G-doodle A, poolside :]

For three (short) wonderful years of my teenage  life, all summer long…I cared for 2 very well-behaved little adorables  at their family private swim club.


my grandson with a friend :]

While the kiddies  took swim lessons nanny  got to  lounge by the pool basking in the glorious sunlight taking periodic dips in the refreshing pool    🙂


daughter Tay w/ fiance E

…..and then I became a mother/gwamma and got to do all of these wonderful things with my own kids & grand doodles…only now

for free!


My beautiful daughter Tay

It’s a long weekend! What are your favorite ways to enjoy the extra long weekend off work?

This weekend was indeed a long one for me but unfortunately was not a holiday at all. (unless you consider work, laundry, cooking and cleaning fun?!?)

I would love to enjoy three entire days just lounging  by the pool, sipping on a cold refreshing beverage, reading  & just soaking up some rays…..hopefully this will happen for me soon!



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