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Want to wish all of my lovely followers a safe, happy & healthy New Year!
There is nothing new about my NYE as I plan to party as I normally do. At home in my sweats, order some Chinese take out & knit something awesome.



Well it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged anything! Life has been hectic, crazy, great, stressful & everything in between. I’ve taken some time to study, research,jot & test my own patterns for my shop. Soooo on this beautiful fall day I thought I would pop in & share a free beginner lace knit boot cuff pattern to say thanks for hanging in there with me & dealing with my sporadic appearances on this blog. I can’t make any promises but hopefully I will manage to be a bit more consistent with my updates 😉

This boot cuff pattern is knit on straight needles and then seamed together using the wonderful seamless mattress stitch Please keep in mind I am far from an expert nor am I a very
experienced knitter. If you happen upon any mistakes within this pattern my apologies in advance 😉
If you have any questions/ suggestions in regards to this pattern please do not hesitate to bring them to my attention. I am unsure if this cuff can be worked in the round. If you happen to figure that out and would like to share…that’d be great! 😉

Pattern Notes:
Pattern is worked in multiples of 10 + 1
It is recommended to take measurements of calf circumference to be sure of proper fit. If you find cuff too snug around try going up a 1/2 to a full size needle.

Size 6.0mm straight needles
Worsted weight yarn of your choice. I would recommend staying away from novelty yarns as the details of this lace pattern may become lost. A flat wool or blended yarn works nicely.

BO- bind off
Yo – yarn over. Wrap yarn over from back to front before knitting next stitch ( stitch increase)
Co – cast on.
Sl 1- slip one stitch purl-wise from left needle to right needle
K2tog- knit next two stitches together
Psso- pass slip stitch over. with left needle grab the slipped stitch from right needle and pass it over the k2tog just made. ( stitch decrease)

CO 51 stitches using the long tail cast on method
Row1. K1 *yo,k3,sl1,k2tog,paso,k3,yo,k1* repeat *-* to end applies to each row.
Row 2 & even rows: Purl all stitches
Row3. K1 *k1, yo, k2, sl1, k2tog, psso, k2, yo, k2*
Row 5. K1 * k2,yo, k1, sl1,k2tog,psso,k1, yo, k3*
Row 7. K1 *k3,yo,sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, k4*

Repeat these 8 rows 2x’s more for a 5 in length cuff. Add additional repeats for desired length.

BO on last purl row (8) leaving a tail long enough to stitch side seam.

Happy knitting!



Wow!  I feel honored to be nominated for this award.   I would like to thank  11-year-old Nirvana… blogger/writer/crafter  over at  Nirvana’s Pocketful.  What a wonderful blog she has….I encourage you to visit and check out her work.

The rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for the award

2.  Share 7 random facts about myself

3. Nominate 15 bloggers for the versatile bloggers award  (and tell them about it)

7 Random Facts

Hmmmm something you don’t already know about me…… let’s see….

1.   I am a trained gymnast although do not practice this awesome sport any longer.  I can however still manage a cartwheel…and trust me this is  astonishing at my age! hahahaa
2..   I could literally survive on a diet of yogurt and cheese!  No joke!
3   My nicknames include KeKe, LuLu and Gladys Cravitz … the latter I have absolutely no idea why! lol
4.  I dislike french fries (very much) … but love baked potato  (w/sour cream and chives)
5.   Aside from my wonderful hubby (goes without saying)  my sisters are my best friends…we laugh over stuff no one else would understand.
6.  I am afraid (putting it mildly)  of spiders like no other human on earth! hahaha…well except my daughter, Tay who literally loses consciousness at the sight of a spider. (can’t imagine where she picked up that trait…. or rather, WHO scared her so badly over a HUGE  spider in her  hair when she was only 5 years old….hahahaha…yeah I did that!)    In my defense the spider was  ginormous and was tangled up in her long hair. YUK!
7  I put hot sauce on EVERYTHING I eat..including scrambled eggs, tuna fish and pizza.  If you have never tried dipping cheese pizza in hot sauce and ranch dressing you MUST!  YUM!

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