100% white Egyptian cotton…love!

Hi. My name is Karen and I am a yarn hoarder.   Yes, it’s true, I do tend to collect lovely yarns & fabrics. I have loads  tucked away in my “maybe someday” vault.    It’s as though they call to me and I just can’t leave them once I spot them…I’ve just gotta have em.    I adore cotton threads…and love working with them.   I have a tendency to be attracted to light colored yarns.  White is actually my favorite because I figure any  items made can be dyed if need be.  Personally I never find the need to dye anything.


flower motif white cotton crochet collar
pattern for this collar can be found on my link for DROPS. Wonderful pattern.

As of late I have really been into crocheting these lovely detachable collars.  Initially I made one for myself & wore it atop a plain grey cashmere sweater.  Loved the result!  It added that extra oomph to an otherwise very expensive albeit dull looking cashmere.

Crochet collars are super easy to make and  work up rather quickly which is always a great incentive for those of us who love instant gratification.  I actually enjoy spending time and energy on my crochet projects, in fact I’m working on a table runner that is quite intricate and time consuming. My estimation is I will have my runner complete in about 6 – 8 years months, which is fine   but its always nice to work on something small and unique in between the larger projects.  Its a wonderful intermission & I find it helps keep my creative juices flowing.

A few of my inspirations for my own collar- I have made quite a few of these for gifts and of course myself  and LOVE them!
Lululoves Blog

Adorable collar free pattern

and a cute pattern from Drops

Here are a few photos of the ones that I have made using the  patterns listed above and some of my own:


this was made from the pattern listed under DROPS. Love Love Love


eventually I will post up a DIY how to for this collar. It’s fabulous!

Image. ImageImage
While I do own an online Etsy shop where I sell some of my crochet and knit goodies, I’ve not made use of it for over a year!  Life sometimes has a way of getting in the way of plans.  When things calm down & I do decide it is the right time, I will reopen my shop & definitely will consider selling some of my own collars & patterns.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Peace, K.